Social media is a trigger of stress

Ok so here I begin. This is just my story,  though others may probably be able to relate to it. Social media is stressful! 
There are many social medias out there Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, We Heart it, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many more. 
But the problem is do you let it take over your life? Do you become attatched or somehow obsessed? Do you set limits to the amount of time you spend in the technological world? Or do you let it run you and your life? 
There is a healthy limit I believe. And I believe I have crossed that limit. I let it overtake me and my life, sitting at home as a loner in my bedroom scrolling, liking, following in between eating and using essential facilities. I let it control me. I scroll , instead of with envy. I scroll with the motivation to want to change myself for the better. To want to be someone, something else that is better, this I believed to be healthy a long while ago but recently I realised it was time to unplug. 
Stop reading this post and take a look around wherever your surroundings may be. Taking time out makes me smile. 

Unplug often.

Or unplug completely.

Don’t let it control you. Set yourself a goal of 1 to 2 hours of social media a day or let go of it completely and discover all you have lost and all that has gone or all that may have been missing.

Love always…


My top 10 instagram inspirations

I must say I’m wasn’t a fan of social media.. I deleted Facebook, my only social media account around 3 or 4 years ago,with the goal of being rid of social media completely… trying to remain unplugged i discovered instagram.. I was abit behind everyone else. Most others had, had it for years before I had so it was kinda a new thing for me. That was it my goal was destroyed and now, I am here to list you my top 10.

1. @azureryder

2. @mewsha

3. @mimielashiry

4. @lucy.hope.j

5. @sophiedalah

6. @chelsey_sinclair

7. @balticmoon

8. @shaberr

9. @ourplanetdaily

10. @melissajadegoodwin – of course me..

I still do not recommend social media 

Use it for inspiration and no other purpose otherwise you get to focused on others and digital life and start to forget the importance of real life connection.

Love all …x