A little bit of gratitude..

Let me begin by saying I am grateful for the person that I am turning into in some ways. 

1. I am grateful for the individuality I allow myself despite the setbacks 

2. I am grateful to be unique and different. 

3. I am grateful that I am weird as I guess that’s kinda amusing to some. 

4. I am grateful I have a mama that cooks such tasty food (some of which she gets from Jamie Oliver) 

5. I am grateful to be the type of person that dreams big, even if to others they sound unachieveable or unrealistic ( and I will not give up because of others views) 

6. I am grateful that I enjoy reading and learning as I have learnt so much of the classic icons from the past, as well as about the worlds religions, different lifestyles and  ways of living. 

7. I am grateful of my ability to be able to relax more easily than most others. 

8. I am grateful of what my opinions and morals are turning into. 

9. I am grateful I have the facial features that I do.

10. I am grateful for me and I am grateful for you too…..

List a few of the things you are grateful for daily by starting a gratitude journal to help yourself appreciate the little yet miraculous beautiful things in life that you take for granted. 

Love, Lissa x 



Lucky to have a sister like Emma…

They say you should count your blessings, so here is blessing No.1.

The face of my Greek-goddess of a sister called Emma, her wavy brunette hair like the salty effect of which the ocean leaves, like a mermaid come from below the sea, her beautiful voice that you long to hear and kind words of which she speaks. 

Her bright energy of which she sends off lights up all the rooms along with her smile and style thrown together in a perfectly imperfectly cool way.

She’s talented more than we notice and realise, talented in all things from leading a band to singing to her creativity which she shows in all situations that she takes on. 

Leaving a positive effect on all the beings that she meets, 

I have felt this effect and seen the effect of which she has on others, 

She is a gift to the world and for having her in my life I am blessed or should I say we are all blessed.

Fast food is not vegetarian friendly 

Recently I have visited McDonalds going in for one of their spicy veggie burgers, as ordering one they simply replied “we’ve ran out” with me being hungry I decided to order something else, the lady replyed saying that there was nothing else – I mean they have chips and mozzarella sticks but there snacks I was really hungry. 

I was not impressed they had stopped selling their vegetarian wraps a few months back and now they hadn’t a single vegetarian meal that they could offer me (the joys of being a vegetarian, huh).

After leaving there I took a trip down to KFC which also had no vegetarian options except for their rice boxes, chips and corn, which is disgraceful in size for the price (that we paid unaware of item before we’d bought and opened it. 

There are a lot of better and healthier vegetarian places to eat , but with living in a small town they can be hard to find! 

  • These are my opinions that I felt I needed to share, thanks for reading. 

Yoga is more than just poses

You expect yoga to be full of cool poses, to go and all of a sudden be able to do the scorpion pose but that is not the case.

I starting going to yoga for the health benefits and to manage stress levels, to meet the kind people that I knew I would meet there and to take my focus off all other things that were going on in my life. There must have only been a tiny part of me that thought of the amazingly cool poses that I could possible achieve by taking up yoga.

Me in after yoga class doing a few extra poses.

For me I have actually really enjoyed going, I love the teacher I have (Liz) and the people that surround me whilst im there. We always end the classes with a mediation, sometimes it may be a normal guided meditation and sometimes it may be a chakra healing one, meditation was another thing I wanted to take up and I get the both by the same teacher in the same class which is a bonus for me.

They say yoga helps you take your mind of the everyday stresses of life, this I found has proven to be true, even though I find it hard taking my mind of things. I have found my mind tends to focas on what im doing and what the others around me in my class are doing. So even if you cant take your mind of things completely it always stays focased on the class.

As you do the poses you create a flow of which your poses flow with each breath that you take, they flow into one another and create a positive energy in the room of which you are in, this you should notice soon after you begin.

Dancing man pose.

Remember to achieve really advanced poses like the scorpion and the tortoise it will take years, the teacher that I have has told me of her experience learning yoga in an ashram in India by real experineced yogis, she has told me she still isint able to do any of those poses. So if you are planning of starting yoga for that reason remember it will take time and you must be prepared for how long you may have to wait.

Each class that we do is begun with the mantra om which we chant as om creates the vibration that goes with the same vibration of which the earth creates, which gives us a deep connection with the earth and our surroundings around us. We also end it with an on and three shantis, with each shanti loader and vibrating more. So if your planning on self teaching yourself dont forget to om.

If you havent already considered yoga I hope this has managed to convice of the goodness that yoga offers and there’s no time better to start it than now, so give it a go and you’ll be thanking me one day.

P.s dont forget to check out my yogi teachers blog



YogawithAdriene on YouTube if your planning on starting right now.

I believe in world peace



You may think of the countries of the world and only think of the amazing places, the beautiful sights and tasty food. 

Does suffering of the people in other countries ever cross your mind when you think of travel?

Poverty and War are two types of the many suffering people experience in the world and are very serious and severe types.

To name all the countries that are suffering from war and poverty would take some time, time that I dont have to write and time that you wont have to read.

You will have some knowledge of this already and I hope you have the sympathy to perhaps sign a few petitions on the Avaaz website to perhaps protest and stand up to end suffering and to promote world peace.

I appreciate you reading this and hope you have some love in your hearts to do something positive and worthwile today.

Thank you for reading.

Melissa x