Sydney Travel

My travels around Sydney and the Central Coast between end September 2017 to mid February 2018.

Australia was a real life changer for me and believe it’s where i should try and reside.

Much love, Lissa Bee x


Cycles Of Horror – Poem

Cycles Of Horror – By Melissa J. Goodwin

Yesterday, today, tomorrow,

The cycles of horror go on,

What will be, will be,

Until my soul vanishes, and

All that is left is the empty body of,

Sadness and hunger.

Goodbye to all that comes and goes,

Left with nothing but the,

Thrones of a Rose…

Goodbye 🌹

How to stay alive when you are poor

We all know that life can be pretty hard, especially in the money oriented world in which we live in.

Over the last few months I have struggled for food, for a place to sleep and most importantly for happiness.

I then realised that all that I spend adds up.. a $5 coffee, a $20 meal and even the little things like phone credit and transportation fair, I have struggled with.

I have a make believe luxury idealist life in which I shouldn’t due to my income. Yet I still have my five meals a day out as well as my morning macchiato and croissants.

So I am now going to share with you how I survived…

1. I ate plain pasta/spaghetti – with nothing but rosemary, basil, chilli flakes, garlic purée and olive oil.

2. I ate rice – with any seasoning I already had.

3. I depended on the help of others and for my family to send me money.

4. I ate at lentil as anything – a run by donation vegan cafe here in Sydney. Though I could never donate.

5. I ate instant noodles – these were the cheapest at just $2.50 for 5 lots of noodles.

6. I just had a lot of pasta and rice as it would have costed more for veggies and sauce.

All of this was due to leaving several jobs and being unemployed without any form of money for 2 months.

Tonight ended like this – Poem Entry

Sister Emma
Where can I begin.

Her temper goes so quickly.
Her emotions flood.
She scares me or is it just sadness I feel.

Sharing tips I already know of and have tried.
Which i have found to be useless.

I created this successfully fail proof plan Of which I only received negativity from. From Emma.

People wonder why all my thoughts, views and emotions are sheltered.


Time to forget this negativity and move on.

Love to myself 🌻

I deserve nice kind people
I deserve love and positivity

Journal entry – Montauk lover

This American montauk surfer is still in my head daily. 

I said I loved him in a goodbye note and now I hear nothing from him. 

I guess I’m kinda crazy but I enjoyed the two weeks we spent together traveling up the east coast of Australia, road tripping from Byron bay were we both met to Brisbane were I had to see him go to paradises Sumbawa and Bali. The exact word was ‘infatuated’ but it still means love right..

By day we’d go on adventures in his rented car, stopping at whatever cliffs we’d find overlooking the sea. Spotting dolphins using his binoculars which he kept in his car. Following rainbows and on road trips. 
By night we’d travel to the lighthouse or look for an empty beach to stargaze at. Which is where he taught me the big-little dipper way to finding the North Star none of which I understood despite his effort into explaining it to me. 

We’d share donuts and IPA beers (yuk right) Toast and banana. 

I gave him an ultimatum to stay here traveling with me but I guess it was kinda a stupid question to ask after a short time of knowing each other. 

He never seemed to care as he was leaving, which makes me question everything that happened during my time with him and leaves me feeling worse. 

Bye forever.