Why be the same when you can be different.

If you are the person I am about to describe then I do apologise, you might know a person like this, you might have been this person or you might have the same views as me. Whatever you do do not take this to offence as these are my views and we all have our our thoughts and opinions.

Are you sick of how similar we all are? How we all try to be the same and find anyone that stands out weird? How under pressure you feel to fit in? you may be 12 or you may be 30, you will still have the same pressure you did back then?

Emos, chavs, goths, hippies, bikers and barbie dolls, there are always people that fit one of those stereotypes, people afraid to be on there own and not fit into a group or category.

You may be that barbie doll, that puts layer upon layer of make-up, hiding her real beauty to either impress some guy or friend, or hide your insecurities.

You may be that goth or emo, dressed in black, faking having suicidal thoughts and depression, taking drugs and liking heavy metal, just because your peers fit a stereotype (that stereotype) dosen’t mean you need to.

You may be that hippie or hippie wannabe, you may believe by being a hippie you are being yourself and different from the rest of society, you may be spiritual in reiki and chakras, close to nature, on drugs and covered in tie dye and patchwork, but being a hippie just in case you didn’t know is a stereotype itself.

You may be that chav that wears your Nike and Addidas tracksuit, that listens to rap music and puts on a massive show to make your personality as chavvy as your look.

You may be that biker that rides a motorbike, that’s beefy with tatts all over your arms, growing a beard like Father Christmas, gaining your confidence through being a part of something.

You may create or make up a certain thing in order to fit in, but don’t make up anything why should you have to change or make yourself appear different in order to feel excepted or in order for people to like you when people probably already do.

Or you may be me, you may have developed your own style you may have had a huge interest in creating a change within yourself and decided that you want to take every step into making sure you can become the person that you really are, you may like every music genre from classical to pop to jazz and indie, you may put on your make-up every morning but for yourself only, you may walk down the street with some extreme outfit which you put on without even thinking about it, you may be your own unique category, your own person.

The more you make these changes to be different, the more happier and at ease you will feel, so please take my advice and make change in order to create the peace in yourself to achieve the perfect level of happiness that you need.

Good luck on this little challenge

Love Melissa x


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